Find out more about our serene spa facilities, where you'll find everything you need to chill out.

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Spas at Harbour Clubs

From saunas and steam rooms to tranquil treatments, Harbour Clubs' spa facilities are the perfect place to take care of your body, whilst enjoying some all-important 'me-time'.

Perfect for a post-workout relaxation session, some quiet time whilst your kids enjoy their swimming lessons, or even a full day of complete relaxation, our luxury spas are built to provide you with a calming experience, allowing you to escape the stresses of everyday life.

For more information about what's available to near you, find your local club and explore their spa facilities.

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Gyms with Spas

After you've finished in the pool, in the gym or on the court, why not head to the spa to unwind? Harbour Club spas are quiet spacious areas that are separated from the rest of the Club's amenities and feature a range of different facilities depending on the Club, including saunas, steam rooms / aromatherapy rooms with bespoke blends of aromatherapy, hydropools, featured showers and heated beds.

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Spa Treatments

At Harbour Club, you'll find a sublime selection of therapies and products, all designed to give you a luxurious wellness experience. From facials and massages to physiotherapy and vitamin therapy, our therapists are ready to deliver the results you want, so you leave feeling the best version of yourself.

We do also welcome non-members to enjoy our spa treatments. However, you need to be a Harbour Club or David Lloyd Clubs member to enjoy our other spa facilities, such as hydropools and steam rooms.

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Included in your gym membership

Your membership will automatically include access to the spa facilities at your Club. Plus, you'll be able to visit the David Lloyd Spa Retreat, a luxury spa that provides a haven of peace and serenity. As a Harbour Club member, you'll be able to take care of your wellbeing beyond the gym. Slow things down a touch, recuperate, rejuvenate, and find some relaxation.
Plus, with spacious and welcoming Clubrooms where you can relax and refuel, large indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and even a creche service to care for your kids while you take time out in the spa, you'll find everything under one roof so you can get the most from every visit.


Spa Opening Times

Our spas are open 7 days a week. As a member of Harbour Club, you have access to use your spa facilities as and when you please. That’s as many minutes of relaxation, rejuvenation and calm as you wish. Click here to find your local club and to view its opening hours. 
Travelling with work or away for the weekend? Depending on your membership package, you can also access the nearest David Lloyd Clubs spa. So wherever you may be, and you’re keen to keep up with your wellness routine, you can do just that.
Poolside Spa facilities at Harbour Club Notting Hill

Poolside Spa Facilities

If you're looking for a gentle swim, or even an active one, to accompany your spa experience, our Clubs offer just that. All of our non-treatment facilities are next to the pool so you can move between the two with ease.

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Benefits of using the Spa

Time spent in the spa is a wonderful way to heal the body, soothe the mind and to switch off the rigours of everyday life.

Heat, Cool and Relax are the three guiding principles of the Spa journey we recommend. Head into the fierce warmth of a sauna or steam room, which will stimulate circulation. open your pores to draw out dirt from your skin and soothe your joints and muscles. Steam rooms are also renowned for the health benefits they can bring, such as aiding minor respiratory problems and easing general aches and pains.

Once you've finished in your chosen heat room, refresh yourself under a cool shower - you'll quickly feel invigorated and energised, while the cooling effect is also beneficial for circulation, skin tone and muscle recovery.

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