Membership at Harbour Clubs


Memberships vary at each of our three stunning Harbour Clubs in central London - Chelsea, Kensington and Notting Hill. Below you'll see some options that are available. If you complete the form below, selecting as many options as are relevant, our membership team in the club will be in touch to take you through them in detail.
Membership at the Harbour Clubs
Standard Membership
A standard 12-month membership package
Flexible Membership *
Costs a little more each month (*Not available at Chelsea)
Join on an individual membership package
Join with your partner on a couple membership package
Full Membership (Racquets)*
You can use all the facilities within the club including racquets sports (*Not available at Kensington)
Health and Fitness Membership
Excludes racquets sports but includes all other facilities
Join as a family
Adding your children
You can add children to your membership, up to the age of 22 at Kensington, and 24 at Chelsea and Notting Hill. Different fees apply.
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