Find out more about our serene spa facilities, where you'll find everything you need to chill out.

Interior of a sauna

Luxury Poolside Saunas and Steam Rooms

Our luxurious saunas and steam rooms are handily located by the pool at both Harbour Clubs, which is ideal for relaxing and easing your tired muscles after a swim.

For more information about what's available to near you, find spa facilities at the Clubs.

Steam Room


In the sauna, you will experience dry heat, that while relaxing, can ultimately leave you feeling energised - particularly if paired with a cold shower afterwards!
Aromatherapy Room

Aromatherapy Rooms

Enhance your spa experience with our aromatherapy steam rooms. Using bespoke blends, you are transported to a multi-sensory sanctuary, enhancing your mood, and melting away the stresses of everyday life.

Steam room at Harbour Club

Steam Rooms in West London

Whether you are aiming to ease stress, soothe post-workout muscles or looking for a moment of relaxation, step into the steam rooms at Harbour Club. The humidity and lower temperatures of steam makes for the perfect contrast with the sauna.

Saunas and Steam Rooms included in your gym membership

As well as relaxation time in saunas and steam rooms, a Harbour Club membership can be your ticket to full-body wellness, from working on your fitness in the gym, pool, or an exercise class to socialising and refueling in the welcoming Clubroom. You'll find everything under one roof, so you can get the most from every visit. Access to heat experience rooms and all other spa facilities is included in your membership. And to make it even better, all Harbour Club members have access to David Lloyd Clubs too, including its luxury Spa Retreats and Spa Gardens.

The spa facilities you can access depend on the Club you choose.

Benefits of Saunas and Steam Rooms

There are many benefits associated with saunas and steam rooms; meaning heat therapy can play an important role in improving wellness. Steam Rooms can aid in improving circulation, easing congestion, making skin healthier and relieving sore joints and muscles. Whereas the sauna can help preserve muscle mass, giving you the equivalent of a mild cardio workout and help increase endurance. With these benefits, you can see why the saunas have become a popular choice for post-workout recovery.

Spa Facilities

Spa Facilities

In addition to saunas and steam rooms, you can enjoy a range of spa facilities, depending on the Club, such as hydropools, heated beds, feature showers and luxury treatments.

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Luxury Saunas and Steam Rooms in West London

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