We offer 12 indoor tennis courts here at the Harbour Club Chelsea

Harbour racquets

All Stars Tennis – your kids will love it!

If you’d like your children to learn to play tennis, then our All Stars programme is just the thing. Industry-recognised as the best in class, and endorsed by the Lawn Tennis Association, our sessions are available for kids of all abilities. Whether they’ve never picked up a racquet or are a star of the future, our expert trainers will help grow their confidence and develop new skills. With special junior sized courts, brilliant coaches and a packed timetable of classes, it’s no surprise we have more than 1000 children learning the game in our club! 

Harbour coaches

Book in for a 1-2-1 session

We have a fantastic team of Tennis Coaches for players of all levels and abilities. Our unrivalled team has been handpicked to offer our members the best training possible. They bring a lifetime’s worth of experience and offer 1-2-1, and group sessions for adults and children. With 25 of the most experienced coaches to choose from, you’re certain to find someone you click with and who can help you progress your game.
Padel tennis

Play Padel at Harbour Club Chelsea

We have three Padel courts for our members to enjoy. If you're unfamiliar with Padel but love racquets sports, then Padel is well worth trying. It’s a really fast-paced game played on a small, enclosed area which looks a little like a hybrid between a tennis and squash court. Once you’re fully up to speed you’ll find a game will challenge you and increase your fitness. You’ll work up a sweat and learn some new skills in no time, especially with the help of our brilliant trainers.

Tennis and Racquets at Harbour Club Chelsea

With the most indoor tennis courts of any club in the area, we really do offer our members the best facilities. We have 12 indoor tennis courts to choose from, and love to see people having a friendly session, or a serious match, plus lots of little ones learning the sport. We offer three Tennis Welcomes each week, a great opportunity to find what we can offer you, whatever your level.

We also have three Padel courts available to our members. If you’ve not come across this sport before and you’re into tennis, then you’ve got to give it a go.

COMING SOON - As part of our transformation of Harbour Club Chelsea this summer, we'll be resurfacing five indoor tennis courts, alongside the addition of new world class lighting and new tennis hosts, who will be on hand to improve your on-court experience.

  • 12 indoor tennis courts
  • 3 Padel courts 
  • 2 indoor junior tennis courts
  • All Stars Tennis coaching
  • 1-2-1 expert tennis coaching
  • 1-2-1 expert Padel coaching
  • Book online, or via the app
  • Tennis events
  • Annual tennis championships for all ages
  • Weekly club sessions
  • Competitive Box Leagues 

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