Our expert trainers will work with you to build a tailored experience to suit your goals and fitness level

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Personal Training at Harbour Club

While our modern gym facilities offer the perfect environment for you to work your way towards your fitness goals, sometimes you’ll need some professional expertise, friendly encouragement and motivation to help you along the way.

At Harbour Club, our expert Personal Trainers will work closely with you to develop a supportive relationship and provide tailored sessions to push you to getting more from your gym sessions. They will help you to improve your form and technique and guide you to incorporate the correct exercises into your workouts, whatever your needs or abilities.

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The Benefits of working with a Personal Trainer

Working with a Personal Trainer can be just what you need to take your training to the next level. Our expert coaches will work with you to create a specific programme to suit your body shape, level of fitness, training goals and experience. There are many benefits to working with a personal trainer, including:

Motivation: Not training enough can often be the biggest barrier to progression. By scheduling and paying for frequent 1-2-1 training sessions, you’ll have a greater incentive to train, while your trainer will give you that extra boost to hit that final rep or go the extra distance.

A tailored training plan: Devising a specific training plan means you’ll spend more time hitting key areas you’re keen to work on and you’ll have much more focus to your sessions. Your Personal Trainer will monitor and adapt your plan to ensure you keep improving.

Correct form and technique: If you’re nervous about a particular exercise or using certain pieces of equipment, having the guidance of a qualified Personal Trainer will help to stay safe and avoid the risk of injury. You’ll learn correct techniques and be introduced to new equipment that you might not have considered using in your workouts.

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How To Get Started With Personal Training

All Personal Training sessions are 45 minutes and are bookable and payable via the Harbour Club app.

You can view Personal Trainer profiles on the app to help you choose the perfect trainer to suit your fitness goals, and you're able to book sessions up to 6 weeks in advance to help you plan ahead.

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What to expect from Personal Training at Harbour Club

Personal Training at Harbour Club is all about meeting your needs as an individual. You can view personal training profiles on the app, or feel free to chat to all the trainers in and around the club to ensure you find a trainer to suit you. All of our trainers will be more than happy to stop and talk you through their teaching style and particular areas of expertise.

Following on from your initial consultation, you’ll then be given a Boditrax scan - a system that assesses your body and quickly delivers 14 different measurements, such as your BMI and your metabolic age, as well as your fat and muscle mass. Alongside your Personal Trainer, you can then use those results and the targets you have in mind to set some new fitness goals and track your development.

Your trainer will then tailor a training programme that is specific to those goals and your level. Our trainers know that everybody is different so try to be open and honest to ensure that you get the best possible experience.

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