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Keeping you safe on court

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The health, wellbeing and safety of our members is our number one priority. We have introduced new procedures to keep everyone safe, well and active when using our pools and spa facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions - Racquets


When will tennis courts be reopening?

Our indoor tennis courts reopened on 25th July.

Will all courts be open?

The majority of our courts will be open, however, at some clubs we may temporarily take a tennis court out of use to create additional gym space.

How do I book a court?

As usual, all court bookings should be made via the Harbour Clubs website or mobile app. We are not able to allow members to simply turn up and play.

Please note, courts will be bookable at certain times with all availability corresponding as shown on the mobile app.

Who can use tennis courts?

Courts are available for members aged 5 and above on full membership packages (or equivalent) that have access to racquets facilities as part of their membership.

How long can I book a court for?

Bookings for singles sessions can be made for 55 mins, or 85 mins (85 mins sessions only available outside times of high demand).

Bookings for doubles sessions can be made for 55 mins, 85 min or 115 mins (115 mins sessions only available outside times of high demand).

Why are all sessions reduced by 5 minutes?

We have introduced a 5 minute turnaround window to ensure the safety of those entering and exiting the court by providing adequate time for social distancing to be maintained. Please be mindful of this when starting and finishing your playing time.

Who can I play tennis with?

We are able to allow up to 4 members to play on each court. Each member may be from a different household.

Am I allowed to swap ends or shake hands?

We are encouraging all players to avoid changing ends, or if necessary to change ends by moving to the other end of the court via opposite ends of the net. Please don't shake hands or have any physical contact with other players, and maintain social distancing at all times.

Will I be allowed to borrow equipment?

Sorry but we are not able to loan any equipment such as tennis balls and tennis racquets until further notice. You will be able to purchase new tennis balls in the club. Where possible, please play with tennis balls that you have marked. We are also asking members not to bring towels onto tennis courts.

Group sessions and Tennis Lessons

Will there be any group tennis lessons or classes available?

We are running group tennis sessions, with a maximum of 12 players plus a coach across 3 courts at any one time, in line with government guidelines.

All adult group sessions will finish 5 minutes earlier than advertised to allow the safe transition of players off the court and thorough cleaning before new players enter.

Are individual lessons with a coach available?

Yes, you may have a private lesson with one of our Tennis Coaches at the club. This should be booked directly with the individual coach. Lessons are 55 minutes in duration and are payment should be made directly to the coach. We are able to allow a maximum of 2 people (plus the coach) per private lesson.


Will padel courts be open?

Yes, our padel courts will be open.

Are there restrictions on who I can play with?

Members are able to play singles or doubles with members from different households. Care must be taken whilst playing to keep 2 metres apart and as with tennis, please play with tennis balls that you have marked. We are also asking members not to bring towels onto padel courts.


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Stay safe, stay active

If you are planning a visit to a Club, please keep the following in mind:
  • We are closely following government guidelines and working with UKActive, and we will amend our procedures in line with any changes to regulations.
  • Please do not come to the club if you feel unwell and let us know if you or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Help keep yourself safe by wiping down equipment before and after use and washing your hands frequently.
  • Do not remove cleaning materials/hand sanitiser from the Club.
  • Please bring your own towel, yoga mat and water bottle.
  • Please keep social distancing in mind at all times, and leave plenty of space between yourself and other members.
  • Download the Harbour Club mobile app - you'll need to use it to book all classes, courts and kids classes.
  • Please be patient, polite and observe all notices, but of course if you have feedback for us please directly contact us.