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Membership FAQs

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Thank you for your continued support and good wishes over the past weeks and months, we are delighted to have reopened our Clubs. See below for a list of frequently asked questions about memberships, products and services.

Response to Government guidelines

NHS Test and Trace

Membership FAQs


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Response to Government guidelines 

Do I need to wear a face covering when visiting the Club?

Face coverings are currently only required when using the Clubroom (food and beverage) areas, however once seated, and eating or drinking, face coverings are not required.

We are operating a table service in all Clubs, meaning all orders for food and drink that is to be consumed in the Club are taken at the table, so please take a seat or allow our teams to guide you to a seat and we will pop over to take your order.

If you are purchasing items to take away, a face covering should be worn during the selection and purchase of the item.

You are of course, welcome to wear a face covering in any area of the Club should you wish to do so.

Will you notify me if you think I may have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 whilst at the club?

We are fully complying with all government advice regarding this and ask that you ensure you have logged your visit in to our Clubs using the NHS Test and Trace QR Code at the Club entrance.

Will the club close again if a member who has visited the club tests positive for Covid-19?

We are fully complying with and following all government and Public Health advice in such a scenario.

What happens if my club is in an area that has a local lockdown?

We will follow both the government and local authority advice if this happens and keep all of our members fully informed. 

NHS Test and Trace

We are required to display the official NHS COVID – 19 QR code poster at the entrance of each of our Clubs to support the NHS Test and Trace system.

The government has asked many venues to do this and in our case, it is so that members, visitors and our teams entering our Clubs can use this code to “check in” their attendance at our Club, on the NHS COVID – 19 App as part of the NHS Test and Trace, you will see these codes at many different locations.

If you do choose to use the code and “check in” you will need to have downloaded the NHS COVID-19 App from the App store or Google Play and scan the QR code using the app and the code on the poster at the Club when you visit us.

You will still need to swipe your membership card as usual to enter the Club, as there is no direct link from the NHS Test and Trace to our own systems.

Membership - Frequently Asked Questions

When did my membership restart?

Memberships were reactivated on 25/07/2020 and the Clubs were open for you to access from this date.

What will happen to the date of my annual membership renewal?

We will extend the renewal date of your membership and any associate memberships by the number of full calendar months the Clubs have been closed for, which will be 4 months, so you are not impacted by our closure. If you choose to extend your membership suspension further, as an annual payer we will request full settlement of the 25% monthly suspension fees at the time of processing.

What will happen to the end date of my life membership?

We will extend the end date of your membership by the number of full calendar months the Clubs have been closed for, which will be 4 months, so you are not impacted by our closure.

I am still within the initial term for my membership, what will happen?

We will extend the initial term applicable to your membership by the number of full calendar months the Clubs have been closed for, which will be 4 months.

I have a question about my membership – who do I contact?

Please contact your Club team, the best way to reach them is by email, which you can send to {clubname} Please keep a note of the unique case number that you will receive.

I am not ready to come back yet, what are my options?

We have been listening to our member feedback and understand that some of our members may not be ready to come back to the Club straight away. We have sent at emails to all our frozen members with all the information needed to either reactivate or continue to freeze a membership. Any members wishing to continue with a membership freeze and who have not either replied to or received an email from us just need to let us know, the usual 25% suspension charge will apply.

A free suspension for members is always available, if you have any medical condition that is preventing you from exercising and that you can evidence. However, if you have any concerns then your Club will be able to advise you of the options available.

Please contact your Club on {clubname}, who will be able to discuss all the options available with you.

I emailed to cancel my membership when the club closed / during the Club’s closure, why haven’t you processed this request?

Whilst our Clubs were closed almost all the Club and Head Office teams were furloughed and unable to respond to any emails as they were not working. All memberships were frozen, free of charge and no changes requests were processed during the Club’s temporary closure. We are restarting memberships following the Government update that we can now reopen our Clubs. Our Club teams are now available to help and will be able to process your requests. We will use the date that you first contacted us as the point of notification, so any notice to cancel will take effect as usual, from the 1st of the following month. If we received your notice to cancel before the 4th of the month we will start your notice period from the 1st of that month.

I contacted the Club to cancel my membership whilst the Club was closed, why are you holding me to a notice period?

Whilst memberships were frozen, free of charge and no money was taken during the close period, our usual terms and conditions still applied. You will not have been charged nor will you be charged for the months of your notice period that the club was closed for.

How will you be helping us if we cannot get to the Club as often?

Existing members still have complimentary access to [email protected] through the app, so the days you are unable to get to your Club you can continue to enjoy the variety of live and on demand classes available.

I don’t have the Harbour app how do I go about getting it?

Downloading the app is easy, just go to your device's App Store or Play Store, search for Harbour Club and click download. You will find a simple step by step guide to follow, which will help you with the initial registration and then how to navigate the app. You will need your membership number, which is the number on the left of your membership card, and you will also need your email address to register. For help using the app, please visit our app FAQ page.

Problems or questions about using our mobile app for streaming live and on demand content? Please click here 

I owe some money for my membership - how do I make that payment?

Please follow this link to make your membership fee payment.

I am halfway through my notice period, what’s going to happen with my cancellation?

All memberships will be restarted when we reopen and you will be charged your usual membership fee for the remainder of your notice period when the Clubs are open.

How do you process my personal information?

Any personal data we collect from you is treated in accordance with the Harbour Club privacy policy.

I have contacted the Club and am still waiting for a reply

We continue to have a limited number of team members who have returned to work and are responding to members who have contacted us in order, as quickly as possible. We appreciate this is taking slightly longer than usual but ask you to please bear with us, we will reply as soon as we can.



Can my membership remain on freeze – will I be charged?

We have been listening to our member feedback and understand that some of our members may not be ready to come back to the Club straight away. Any members wishing to continue with a membership freeze just need to let us know and we will offer this free of charge until the 1st September. After which the usual 25% suspension charge will apply.

A free suspension for members is of course, always available, if you have any medical condition that is preventing you from exercising and that you can evidence.

However, if you have any concerns then your Club will be able to advise you of you the options available.

Can I freeze for medical reasons as I have not been well?

A free suspension is available if you have any medical condition that is preventing you from exercising and that you can evidence.

Guest passes

All guest passes that expired during the Clubs' closure will be extended until 31st December 2020.

Group Exercise

Why is there a reduced class timetable?

Each of our Clubs has a unique timetable, with locally chosen classes for members that we believe follow current government guidelines and that offer a choice of workouts to suit a wide variety of fitness needs.

We have tried to make it as simple as possible for our members to understand the type of classes on offer and the benefits each class provides. All whilst ensuring members remain in an individually designated space so that everyone can keep their social distance from other participants, as well as the instructor.

Our amazing freestyle instructors are delivering classes that cover all genres, whether it’s a cardio or strength workout that you are looking for, or a HIIT class, as well as many Holistic choices, our timetables have it all.

Please ask one of the Group Exercise team at your Club which class would suit you best and if you have any other questions about our group exercise timetable.

Why are the classes only 30 or 45 mins long?

We’ve made the decision to alter our timetable to ensure we have enough time between each class to carry out our thorough cleaning procedures. It also means we can run more classes throughout the day, giving everyone a chance to enjoy a class.

Why are there no or limited Les Mills classes?

Each Club has a unique timetable which offers a choice of workouts to suit a wide variety of fitness needs, covering all genres, including cardio, strength, HIIT, cycling or Holistic classes.

As a premium operator, we are prioritising and are committed to developing our own branded products and is an area of investment not cost saving. We have introduced additional studios with Blaze and more recently brought Rhythm and CYCLONE to our cycle studios in many Clubs. The popularity of outdoor exercise has resulted in more bespoke areas for BATTLEBOX classes and we will continue to invest and deliver these concepts into other Clubs.

We are working on broadening our own branded classes and we are at the final stages of completing both a holistic and high energy class in the coming weeks.

Our priority is to encourage as many members as possible to participate in group exercise and each Club will amend their local timetable to ensure a broad genre that includes both our own branded and other freestyle classes. We do however appreciate that some members may be disappointed that their usual class is not available and it may take some time to adjust to, but we hope that everyone will give the different classes and timetable a try.

Our class timetable includes: Blaze, Rhythm, Battlebox and BodyPump.

How are we keeping our members safe?

We'll be carefully managing the capacity of our classes and are asking members to pre-book their space for every class via our mobile app.

We have set up our studios to ensure that all equipment is spaced at least 2.5 metres apart, with social distancing markings in place to help members keep apart.

We are cleaning all equipment and accessories using a fully viricidal disinfectant cleaner, certified to kill enveloped viruses within 60 seconds. To allow time for thorough cleaning there is also a minimum of 30 minutes between each class. Where possible, we’re locking studios between classes so kit remains sanitised and clean ahead of the next session.

We’re unable to loan any equipment such as MyZone belts and boxing gloves until further notice, but you can purchase these items in the club. We’re also asking members not to bring sweat towels into the studio.

To protect our team members, class instructors will bring their own microphone muff to minimise the risk of transmission.

Other Questions

Why are you letting new members join when the club is restricted to existing members?

We are aware that our Clubs have varying capacity available - however we will be continuously monitoring this and we will review our decision if necessary.

Was anyone been maintaining the facilities whilst the Clubs were temporarily shut?

Yes, while the Clubs were closed the regional maintenance technicians were routinely visiting each one to perform statutory and regulatory inspections and testing, along with general maintenance activities, to ensure the standards were maintained ready for the Clubs to fully reopened.

How are you going to ensure you monitor how many people are in the Clubs at any one time?

We are trialing a specific counting technology that will keep a record of how many people enter and exit the Clubs. Initially we are doing this in a handful of Clubs and if it proves successful, we will look to roll this out elsewhere. In the meantime, the Club teams are monitoring how many people are entering and exiting the building.

Are changing rooms open?

Yes, changing rooms are open, with showers and toilets in use. We have taken every other locker out of use to allow for social distancing. We do however, encourage all members to come fully dressed for the activity they are going to participate in.


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Stay safe, stay active

If you are planning a visit to a Club, please keep the following in mind:
  • We are closely following government guidelines and working with UKActive, and we will amend our procedures in line with any changes to regulations.
  • Please do not come to the club if you feel unwell and let us know if you or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Help keep yourself safe by wiping down equipment before and after use and washing your hands frequently.
  • Do not remove cleaning materials/hand sanitiser from the Club.
  • Please bring your own towel, yoga mat and water bottle.
  • Please keep social distancing in mind at all times, and leave plenty of space between yourself and other members.
  • Download the David Lloyd mobile app - you'll need to use it to book all classes, courts and kids classes.
  • Please be patient, polite and observe all notices, but of course if you have feedback for us please directly contact us.