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Keeping kids safe and active

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The health, wellbeing and safety of our members is our number one priority. We have introduced new procedures to keep children safe, well and active.

Frequently Asked Questions - Kids

Safety and Cleaning

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Safety and cleaning

Will the changing rooms be open?

Our changing rooms, including family changing, will be available with measures in place to allow for enhanced cleaning procedures and social distancing. This includes:

  • Some lockers will be taken out of use to create space between them.
  • We’ll display clear signage to indicate which facilities are and aren't available for use.
  • We’ll be using stickers and floor markings to help members maintain the right distance from each other.
  • To keep our youngest members safe, we’ve had to remove baby or toddler play pens from our changing rooms.
  • Cleaning products will be available for use in all changing rooms and will be positioned suitably above ground level to ensure children can't pick them up.

How will you keep children apart?

each child is shown to their own spot, which is clearly marked out on the floor and at least 2.5m away from the next spot. They’ll be given their own set of sanitised equipment and our Kids coaches will be on hand

We’ve also reduced class sizes to 8 children to help everyone keep a safe distance from each other.

How will equipment be kept clean?

Before each class, all the equipment needed will be cleaned. Each box of equipment will only be used by one child during the class.

We have allowed at least 15 minutes between each class so that our team can thoroughly clean the equipment ahead of the next session.

HC Kids

What kids’ classes will you be running?

Kids aged 5-11 can take part in our exciting Action Squad and Sports Squad sessions - all of which have been adapted so they can be done safely and with adequate social distancing.

Where will classes take place?

We’ll be running our HC Kids classes on the tennis courts to make sure that each child has enough space. Members can find details of each class location when booking through the mobile app.

What should my child bring to class?

We’ll provide all the equipment needed for each class, which will be sanitised at the start and end. Each child just needs to bring a water bottle and the appropriate clothing including sunscreen and waterproofs if necessary.

We’ll have labels and sanitised pens ready so that parents can add their child’s name to their water bottles.

Do I have to pre-book kids classes?

To keep everybody safe and help us manage capacity all members must pre-book their child’s space for every class via our mobile app.

Why are there no classes for children under 5?

Due to government guidelines, we’re currently unable to offer classes to children under the age of 5 or reopen our créche facilities.

Will adult classes still be scheduled at the same time as kids?

Yes, our hour-long HC Kids classes will run alongside our group exercise sessions so you can enjoy a workout of your own while the little ones let off some steam.

Holiday club

Will you be running Holiday Club?

Yes, we will be running our popular Holiday Club programme. Each session will be 3 hours 55 minutes long. It’s a half day of pure fun for kids aged 5-11, including tennis lessons and sports coaching.  Kids will develop their sports skills with daily lessons and a different sport including athletics, football, basketball and hockey at every visit. We’ll also provide a fresh fruit smoothie, a piece of fruit and a cookie.

Our HC Kids instructors will be on hand to make sure that children don’t share equipment and are staying within their designated 3m x 3m sports square.

Holiday Club must be booked through our mobile app.


Are créche facilities open?

Our créche facilities will reopen from 1st September 2020.

Are there any restrictions on créche bookings?

Créche is bookable for one hour, per day, per child. Should your child become unwell or display any symptoms of Covid-19, please don’t visit the club or book them into the creche.

We would also ask you not to bring prams or car seats to créche to help our team maintain a safe and spacious environment for you and your child.

What measures are in place to keep children safe when attending a créche session?

We have created some exciting new ways for your child to have maximum fun in a safe environment. We have removed certain toys such as sand, water trays and soft toys to help us to maintain a clean environment.

Team members will maintain social distancing at all times and wherever possible, there will be a consistent team working together in the créche. We have introduced extra breaks between each créche session, to allow the team time to sanitise all toys and to maintain a clean and safe environment.

If your child displays any signs of being unwell, we will contact you immediately and a member of the team will look after your child in a safe and secure area of the club.


Are swimming lessons running?

All stages of our All Stars programme are available from September 3rd, with limitations on class sizes and other minor changes in place.

Coaches are unable to have any direct physical contact with children during the lesson and are only able to teach from the poolside. Parents are asked to be in the water with their children during preschool and Level 1&2 classes.

We’re not able to allow parents to watch from the poolside – children should be dropped off and collected at the appointed time and place.

We’ve introduced a 5-minute period between lessons to allow for cleaning of all touchpoints ahead of the following lesson. See our swim FAQs for further information.


Will you be offering children’s tennis lessons?

Yes, children's tennis lessons will be available at clubs with tennis facilities. See our tennis FAQs for more information.

Soft play and playgrounds

Will the indoor soft play and the outdoor play areas be open?

Our outdoor play areas and play frames will be open.

We are currently unable to open our indoor soft play areas, in line with current government regulations.


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Stay safe, stay active

If you are planning a visit to a Club, please keep the following in mind:
  • We are closely following government guidelines and working with UKActive, and we will amend our procedures in line with any changes to regulations.
  • Please do not come to the club if you feel unwell and let us know if you or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Help keep yourself safe by wiping down equipment before and after use and washing your hands frequently.
  • Do not remove cleaning materials/hand sanitiser from the Club.
  • Please bring your own towel, yoga mat and water bottle.
  • Please keep social distancing in mind at all times, and leave plenty of space between yourself and other members.
  • Download the Harbour Club mobile app - you'll need to use it to book all classes, courts and kids classes.
  • Please be patient, polite and observe all notices, but of course if you have feedback for us please directly contact us.