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The health, wellbeing and safety of our members is our number one priority. We have introduced new procedures to keep everyone safe, well and active when taking part in a group exercise class.

Frequently Asked Questions - Fitness Classes

Our indoor fitness classes are currently unavailable. While the indoor studios are closed, you can book and enjoy all outdoor classes at Chelsea Harbour Club in the covered marquee, until we are able to reopen the indoor studios. This is expected on 17 May, subject to updated government guidelines.

The following FAQs form a guide for when we reopen our fitness classes, and are based on the guidance supplied by UKActive following previous periods of lockdown. They are subject to change, and we will update as soon as new guidance is available.

How are you making fitness classes safe?

We'll be carefully managing the capacity of our classes and are asking members to pre-book their space for every class via our mobile app.

We’re setting up our studios to ensure that all equipment is spaced at least 2.5 metres apart, with social distancing markings in place to help members keep apart.

Where necessary and where possible we’ll also continue to use larger parts of our clubs, including outdoor areas, to give members more space during classes.

We will be cleaning all equipment and accessories using a fully viricidal disinfectant cleaner, certified to kill enveloped viruses within 60 seconds.

To allow time for thorough cleaning there will also be a minimum of 30 minutes between each class. Where possible, we’ll lock studios between classes so kit remains sanitised and clean ahead of the next session.

We’re unable to loan any equipment such as cycle shoes, MyZone belts and boxing gloves until further notice. You will, though, be able to purchase these items in the club or via our mobile app.

We’re also asking members not to bring towels into the studio.

To help protect our team members, class instructors will bring their own microphone windshield to minimise the risk of transmission.

Do I have to pre-book a place for all classes?

To keep everybody safe and help us manage capacity, members are required to pre-book their space for every class via our mobile app.

Are changing rooms open?

Yes, changing rooms are open, with showers and toilets in use. We will be taking every other locker out of use to allow for social distancing.

Why is there a reduced class timetable?

We have selected classes that use a minimal amount of equipment to reduce any cross contamination.

The classes selected allow us to make sure members can easily remain in a designated space, and stay a safe social distance from each other, as well as the instructor.

We’ve also updated the class descriptions in our mobile app to make sure members know what to expect when booking and attending classes.

To view the timetable at your local Harbour Club, download and check on the Harbour app, or click here find your local club and view its timetable online.

Why are the classes only 30 or 45 mins long?

We’ve made the decision to alter our timetable to ensure we have enough time between each class to carry out our thorough cleaning procedures. It also means we can run more classes throughout the day, giving everyone a chance to enjoy a class.

How have you decided which classes to run?

The additional health and safety measures we’ve put in place mean that we can only offer a limited number of classes each day. We’ve reviewed our most popular classes and selected ones which we can customise to fit a shorter format, and which allow members to follow social distancing guidelines. Our class timetable includes: Blaze*, Group Cycling, Rhythm, BodyPump, Yoga and Pilates. *Blaze not available at Harbour Club Notting Hill.

Are there any changes to Blaze classes?

Blaze classes, like all our classes, will be running at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing and to give each member their own lane to work out in.

We’re also unable to loan MyZone belts, gloves or inners. We’re asking members to bring their own, or purchase equipment from reception to help keep members safe and remove the need for sharing equipment.

Are there any changes to Yoga and Pilates classes?

Our yoga and Pilates classes, like all our classes, will be running at reduced capacity to allow for social distancing.

All of our Mind and Body studios will have clear floor markings to help members to find adequate space, safely distanced from others.

We would also encourage members attending a class to bring and use their own mat, if they would feel more comfortable doing so.

How will Group Cycling classes be affected?

We will be safely setting up our Group Cycling studios with bikes positioned a minimum of 2.5m apart. This will mean capacity is reduced.

We will be setting aside a minimum of 30 minutes between classes to allow for thorough cleaning of all equipment and touchpoints ahead of the next session. 

We’re unable to loan cycling shoes, so we're asking members to bring their own.


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Stay safe, stay active

If you are planning a visit to a Club, please keep the following in mind:
  • We are closely following government guidelines and working with UKActive, and we will amend our procedures in line with any changes to regulations.
  • Please do not come to the club if you feel unwell and let us know if you or anyone in your household develop Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Help keep yourself safe by wiping down equipment before and after use and washing your hands frequently.
  • Do not remove cleaning materials/hand sanitiser from the Club.
  • Please bring your own towel, yoga mat and water bottle.
  • Please keep social distancing in mind at all times, and leave plenty of space between yourself and other members.
  • Download the Harbour Club mobile app - you'll need to use it to book all classes, courts and kids classes.
  • Please be patient, polite and observe all notices, but of course if you have feedback for us please directly contact us.