Splash in the pool with your kids, relax in the spa to unwind

Kensington jacuzzi

Relax in style in our luxury spa

Step in to a place where you can forget about the world outside. The spa area at Harbour Club Kensington will transport you to a tranquil setting where your worries will simply float away. The steam room, two saunas and spa bath will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Just let them do their magic and unwind in the perfect place. Once you dip your toe in, you won’t want to leave.

All Stars swimming

Watch your kids learn brilliant swimming skills

Your children's swimming skills will come on leaps and bounds here at Harbour Club Kensington, thanks to our brilliant Swimming programme and fantastic coaches. You can enrol your kids on the programme, which is endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), where they'll learn all the essential swimming skills and techniques. Not only will they love learning in a fun environment, and talented coaches, but they'll get to know other Harbour Club children at the same time. 

Swimming and Spa at Harbour Club Kensington

The luxury pool at the club is home to a wide range of activities. Whether you just want to hit the water and clock up some lengths, or would like a one-to-one session with one of our highly-qualified coaches – you’ll can use the pool in a way that suits you best. Plus, our brilliant All Stars Swimming sessions is on offer for the children in our club. The programme, which is endorsed by the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), is popular in our Chelsea and Notting Hill clubs too. Your children can learn all the skills they need to be confident and safe swimmers. 

  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Indoor pool for kids
  • Steam room
  • Two saunas
  • Spa bath
  • Relaxation beds 
  • All Stars Swimming coaching
  • Expert swimming coaches
  • 1-2-1 sessions 

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