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Combining the latest cutting edge technology and equipment with some of the best trainers in the business, we provide members a tailored approach to fitness success.

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Harbour Club Kids

From little tots to pre-teens, Harbour Club Kids offers an action-packed programme of events and activities all year round.

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  • Personal Trainers
  • Tennis Team
Meet our Management team

Isabelle von Pflugl

Isabelle has been coaching tennis for over nine years at a number of high profile London clubs, with four years teaching experience at the Harbour Club itself.

Mevlut Kumlu

Mev coaches all ages and abilities, from beginners to performance players and he has extensive experience playing in tournaments.

John Leach

John has over eight years coaching experience in clubs across the world, including London, Melbourne and Greece.

Julian Acciaioli

Julian is the Tennis Manager at the Chelsea Harbour Club and he has coached and managed tennis for 15 years.

Danny Link

Danny has a wealth of experience working with juniors and adults of all abilities, from men's county teams to performance juniors.

Alistair McLeod

Alistair competed as a national junior tennis player in South Africa and has experience working with all ages and abilities.

Charles Homewood

Charles has been pivotal in developing a number of international and national tennis juniors.

Alex Harper

Alex has been coaching tennis for over twenty years and has gained a wealth of knowledge of the sport through working in Spain, Portugal and Thailand.

Andrea Chorlton

Andrea has been at the Harbour Club for twelve years and teaches juniors and adults.

Chaz Degun

Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone, or build muscle, you will be shown the quickest, most effective and above all, fun ways of achieving these goals.

Clare Jelley

Clare likes to specialise in women's health and fitness, including pre and post natal, core stability and toning.

Barry K. Jung

Barry is a passionate believer in exercise being the precursor to a greater sense of mental equilibrium as well as the more visceral physical rewards.

Carl Taylor

Carl's personalised approach and unrelenting enthusiasm mean you will always reach your goals with a smile on your face, no matter how hard he works you.

Caroline Barker

“It's all about quality rather than quantity”

Ed Powell

Ed enjoys motivating athletes and health exercisers alike to reach their goals.

Mark Sharman

Mark’s years of training experience and passion for what he does as a Personal Trainer and sponsored athlete has equipped him perfectly to help others achieve their fitness goals and improve their lifestyles.

Ivette Landino

"When you exercise you feel good, when you feel good you look good and when you look good you feel even better”

Artur Pelka

Artur believes that a wise coach develops not only the physical potential of his students, but also enhances their future life.

Johnthan Owen

Jonathan Owen

If your goal is to improve your game and get more out of your body, there is no time like now to book in for a training session.

Paulo Ferreira

Paulo is continually studying to provide his clients with interesting and exciting workouts that get results.

Matthew Hirst

“If you’re not going to enjoy training, you’re not going to train!”

Andrew McLelland

As your personal trainer, Andrew promises to provide you with a fun and effective fitness programme, tailored to achieve your personal goals.

Ross Elliott

By training with Ross, he’ll motivate you to achieve a healthier, higher quality and more enjoyable life.

Anna Johnston

Anna's approach to fitness is to set achievable short and long term goals. Each session will be enjoyable but you’ll feel you have pushed yourself - the time will fly by!

Tim Gillet

Tim is able to plan and assist clients to adhere to an effective programme and achieve outstanding results.

Tim Saye

Tim’s expertise help clients to lower injury potential, improve well-being and changes their bodies for life, in remarkably short periods of time.

Anthony Allen

Anthony's motivating nature ensures that you can reach your goals in a proficient manner.

Scott White

Scott is proven in delivering results for both world-class athletes and general clients, on a daily basis.

Sean O'Leary

Sean offers a specialized Personal Training which as well as bringing alignment and ease of movement into the body it can create tone and strength.

David Martin

I tailor-make every training programme to the individual's specific needs.

Stuart Broadbent

I have a very high level of customer service and a genuine passion for satisfying our members.

Charles Jude

My expertise is getting the most out of my staff, giving exceptional service to members, and managing the exclusive Chelsea Harbour Club.

Guilio Leopaldi

Giulio Leopaldi

“Each person has to be assessed considering the body, the mind, the lifestyle and personality in order to achieve their results.”

Julian Acciaioli

Julian and his highly trained team will ensure that juniors and adults will have the opportunity to develop their game to achieve their personal goals.

Dharmesh Bathia

Dharmesh Bathia

Member Centric, attention to detail, always going the extra mile to ensure Harbour Club members receive the 5 star service they deserve

Steven Manley

Steven Manley

My team and I are here to make your visits to the Harbour Club, Chelsea as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. My expertise lie’s in top level service to members.

Neil Edwards

Neil Edwards

“Neil and his highly trained team are passionate about giving members the best opportunity to develop their health and fitness related goals.”

Reham Habashy

Reham Habashy

My duty is to provide a quality experience for all new members, ensuring a first class and exclusive service.

Rodrigo De Melo

Rodrigo De Milo

Rodrigo wants to help you achieve your goals, and knows just the way to do it to ensure that targets are achievable and enjoyable.

James Hindle

James Hindle

With almost 10 years in customer service based management roles I’m looking forward to developing the 5 star customer service at the Chelsea Harbour Club.

Chanelle Muslu

Chanelle Muslu

A spa experience should be truly decadent from the moment you step through the door. My aim is to ensure that every time you visit Amida Spa, you are treated with the 5 star service which The Chelsea Harbour Club is renowned for delivering.

Kevin Hampson

Trying to improve the member experience daily is a challenge that I relish and enjoy.

Andrew Taylor

Andrew Taylor

My background is high level customer service and this is what I believe in. My team and I will always strive to ensure you receive great service and achieve your fitness goals.

Claudia Bellwood

Claudia Bellwood

As Family Activities Manager I’ll be ensuring that all of our mini members are receiving the best possible service. My department covers our fantastic Crèche, birthday parties, holiday active camps and children’s studio classes.

Tom Murray

Tom Murray

Tom is the Padel coordinator at the Chelsea Harbour Club and is one of the highest qualified Padel coaches in the country.

Marian Ponce

Marian Ponce

Marian specialises in Pre & Post Natal training, interval training and body building & fitness. Her aim is to help people achieve their goals and have a better life style.



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